In just 18 days AdvancingX received over 1 million views from its Career Astronaut Competition, in 7 months we’ve engaged students in over 80 countries and now we want to share your story, expertise, and mission with students around the world. We are advancing cross-cultural innovation by implementing structured education programs designed to prepare future engineers, scientists, and STEM focused professionals as they consider careers in the space industry.

Join us in getting kids excited about space! Earlier this year we introduced our STEM Education Programs to students in Greece and the United Kingdom. It’s time to launch our programs on a global scale. Real content for kids (K-12), students attending college and universities, and students learning from home school programs. Free access to all students so that they can learn about the space industry, opportunities, and the challenges ahead.

  • We’re in the business of helping get kids excited about space!
  • We want to share your story as part of a structured education system built for K-12
  • We believe that if kids get excited about space they may be your future engineers, scientists and innovators

This is what we’re doing! We are taking industry-based content and transforming it into engaging student-led projects. Collaborating with over 87 colleges across the United States and Europe, our Strategic Education Advisory Board includes;

  • Eduardo Diaz, PhD, Human Factors Scientist, Founder & CEO of AdvancingX
  • Xandy Whitman, Founder of the Practical Educator, Director of Educational Partnerships for UBTECH Education and STEM Director for AdvancingX
  • Christopher Holt, District Administrator for Operations and Technology Training, Business Process Specialist, and STEM Education for AdvancingX

Our educational infrastructure is built and ready to go at Adding your content to our structured education programs will enable us to share your stories. We can help you share specific field research or discoveries unique to your mission. Get in touch with us at [email protected]