Career Astronaut Sponsorship $500




Thank you for supporting the Career Astronaut Competition. Over the next 5 years hundreds of Career Astronaut Candidates from countries around the world will compete for a chance to go to space. These incredible Career Astronaut Candidates represent a symbol of hope that serves to inspire others to pursue their STEM and STEAM education. They are part of a global movement which illustrates that you don’t need to be a billionaire or millionaire to go to space. All you need is the drive to get involved, engage with the community and make a difference by working together as a team.

There are many tasks and challenges that Career Astronaut Candidates will endure, including volunteering their time with the community through social engagement projects like helping to bring awareness to animals that need adoption or speaking at a college or school to share wisdom and encouragement. As a sponsor of the Career Astronaut Competition you are inspiring young minds to continue with their education and to apply their knowledge to something meaningful. You help to inspire global collaboration and you pave the way for anyone to have access to space exploration.

As a thank you for your support of the Career Astronaut Competition your business name (or personal name if requested) will be listed on our sponsorship page at for 12 months.